Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin  - this is the full name of this medicine or abbreviated HCG Pregnyl 1500IU - is not an anabolic steroid. More precisely, it is a protein hormone that is formed in the placenta (uterus) of pregnant women. HCG Pregnyl 1500IU is formed in the female body in the first 6-8 weeks of pregnancy and makes possible the subsequent production of estrogen and gestagen in the corpus luteum. As a result, the production of these hormones in the placenta itself begins. HCG Pregnyl 1500IU enters from the bloodstream to the kidneys and is then excreted in the urine.


Attention same bodybuilders HCG Pregnyl 1500IU attracts for another reason. The fact is that this medicine has almost the same qualities as the luteinizing hormone, which is formed in the pituitary gland.


Human gonadotropin Pregnyl 1500IU in its action is similar in luteinizing hormone, which is a precursor of testosterone.


Once in the body, HCG Pregnyl 1500IU begins to work almost instantly. HCG Pregnyl 1500IU is generally unique due to its two-phase effect. The first peak of the rise in plasma-testosterone levels in the blood begins approximately two hours after the injection of HCG, and the second, approximately 48-96 hours.

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HCG Pregnyl 1500 IU

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