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How to Use HGH Human Growth Hormone Norditropin NordiLet 30IU

Updated: Apr 26, 2018

Instructions for use Norditropin Pen 30 IU in Thailand

Preparing Norditropin® NordiLet® syringe pen for injection

1. Remove the cap of the syringe pen

2. Remove the protective sticker from the needle and screw the needle onto the syringe pen

3. Remove the outer needle cap

4. Remove the inner needle cap

5. While holding the NordiLet® needle with the needle up, rotate the growth hormone container in the direction of the arrow, as shown in the figure, until you hear one click.

6. Continuing to hold the syringe handle with the needle up, press the button, while at the tip of the needle there should appear a drop of growth hormone

7. Put the cap on the syringe pen again, setting "0" opposite the dose indicator

8. While holding the NordiLet® syringe horizontally, set the desired dose by turning the cap of the syringe handle in the direction of the arrow, as shown in the figure. Be careful that your hand is not above the button when you measure the dose. If the button can not rise freely, the growth hormone will be ejected from the needle. The scale on the cap of the syringe-pen shows the number of clicks

9. How to set 5 clicks: Turn the cap so that the number "5" is in front of the dose indicator. Every 5 clicks is 2 IU

10. After setting the dose, remove the cap of the syringe-pen to make an injection

11. The procedure of injection consists of two stages: The first step is to insert the needle into the skin

The second step is to press the button to enter the dose

  • After the injection of growth hormone, the needle should remain under the skin for a minimum of 6 seconds.

12. Keep the button fully depressed until the needle is removed from the skin. This will ensure the introduction of a full dose

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